Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I'm back from my marathon road trip vacation.

San Diego, Houston, New Orleans.

The trip was fantastic. New Orleans is amazing. Pictures of the James P. Audubon Memorial Bash, aka our last night in NOLA, are forthcoming, as well as a recap of events at the trombone festival. All was awesome.

But since I'm tired, and lately haven't felt much like blogging lately (can you tell?), here's a recap of the occurences of the past two days:

Slept in, after a long shower the night before, was marvelous.
Shopped a little for various items, including groceries.
Found a blue budgie, tame and lost, near the steps up to my apartment. Captured him and are currently trying to find his owner.
Acquired our two permanent cats, Horatio and Gatsby (formerly Ebenezer, and better picture of beautiful green eyes soon to come), as well as the terrible three from before (still on foster leave). That brings the current population of my 500 square foot, two room apartment to two humans, five cats, and one very frightened, very confused parakeet.
Was stuck in traffic today on the way to the pool. Not five seconds after having made my own phone call stating current state of tardiness, I was struck from behind by an older woman doing the same thing. She cracked my bumper open a little bit, but nothing serious. We weren't going very fast. In fact, I wasn't going anywhere at all. She was extremely apologetic, obviously, especially because of my Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker. "And you're a Kerry fan, too!" she exclaimed, giving me a hug. Car repairs on the docket. Le sigh.
Have just paid almost $700 in bills, included the speeding ticket and rent, and part of my credit card bill.
Am planning on working quite often at the pool this summer.

So that brings you up to date on the happenings of the last two days. Tomorrow I have to do about 8 million more things, plus pay some more bills, and also schedule all my students for next week's lessons.

Taking a two week break from reality is nice and all, but man, coming back isn't fun at all.