Saturday, October 09, 2004

i'm, like, bored. also broke.

Sick of watching all the rich kid tv shows on MTV, sick of the internet, oh, and also, sick of Texas. 5 days til I go home for one action-packed weekend. Hiking, a trombone recital, desserts at Denny's, the first time EVER I'll be drinking with Megan, and a wedding.

But it's going to be so sad. Chipper won't be there. For the first time in almost 14 years. It's so hard to believe, yet not unexpected...just...this is my puppy that I could carry in one hand, that I named, that I grew up with. I taught him to ride a skateboard. Once I saw him do a backflip for a toy he was shaking. I wrote an essay about him in freshman year English. He had terrible breath and he'd jump on all my friends- but he was mine, and I loved him.

We have some variety of gecko residing in our living room- I saw up close last night. It's translucent, and has these crazy black eyes. A little frightening, but I'd rather it were a 2 inch long lizard than a 2 inch long insect.

And since I'm bored, and lonely, it's stock of me to say, but what the hell am I doing in Texas?