Saturday, October 02, 2004

liquorless in plano

Explain to me this logic: Collin County, the particular zoning district of my residence, is "dry," which means there are no bars except in restaurants and you can only purchase beer and wine in stores. In a restaurant, you are required to sign up for a Unicard which you then show on later occasions instead of your driver's license. However, if you go out with friends, only one person has to show a Unicard, and no licenses or proof of legality are required for anyone else.

So, you can't buy liquor, but you can drink beer and wine (think third most overweight city in the US, but hey, heart-healthy), and no sweat you can walk into a restaurant with your underage girl/boyfriend and buy them a drink on the Unicard system.

Chris and I went on a mission today to find liquor. Plano is not far from the Dallas County line, so we figured we could head down the highway to nearby Richardson and find a liquor store. After driving down a few major roads and stopping in a grocery store, we asked. No, you can't buy liquor in Richardson, either. Go to Addison. [Chris says that in MA, you can't buy alcohol at grocery stores or gas stations- is this true anywhere else? In California I only ever buy alcohol at grocery stores, so this is a bit of a shock.]

All I want is one stupid bottle of vodka in my pantry. I'm this short of just having my parents ship me one. Why is this so hard? I don't want to have to drive to fucking Oklahoma, people.

[Coincidentally, while searcing for apparently non-existent information on the Unicard system, I came across this article. So far the most useful thing I've read about Dallas since I've been here, and finally, fina-fucking-ly, someone gave me a straight answer on what winter's like out here.]