Tuesday, September 21, 2004

wanted! reward!

Someone has taken my jade plant, Gollum, from my back porch, leaving poor Rupert all by himself!

Any information leading to the whereabouts of Gollum is greatly appreciated, and a tip leading to the recovery and speedy prosecution of the guilty party will be rewarded in some fashion. Likely cookies.

Gollum is a mutated form of jade plant, about 6 inches high in a red ceramic pot. His leaves are conical and resemble Shrek ears, instead of the usual flat round jade leaves. Gollum has been a loyal plant for four years, surviving the unnourishing Wisconsin winters (although he is a native) and flourishing in the heat of the San Diego sun. In the past year he has finally matured and grown, only to be lost now! I must have him back! He is a faithful companion to my cactus, Rupert, who mourns his loss excruciatingly. Please, if you know anything, or if you yourself are the culprit, find it in your heard to bring Gollum home, where he is loved and showered with affection (a monthly fertilizer! water!).