Friday, March 11, 2005

just when i thought i'd never have to come back here...

At the Plano Library for internet fun and games, because, yes, my getting connected to the world wide webberverse in the comfort of my own home is proving to be, as I suspected, the world's largest PAIN IN THE ASS.

So I'm on my way back up to Denton, to have a lesson with JK, and I thought I might as well stop in here and see what I've been missing. And oh, have I been missing it.

Updates, in brief:

-Rejection from Minnesota came via email two days ago. Rock.
-I'm almost totally broke, thanks to the visit to UMn that milked my funds
-But I'm still going to go to South Padre Island with Jason and Co. for a few days of spring break, because I'm cool like that.
-Spring Break means I will be:
1. Filing a small claims against America West for destroying my horn in November
2. Doing my taxes
3. Praying daily that I make it into UNT so I don't have to spend another year feeling like a big loser.

If you could be so kind as to send positive internet vibes my way, it may be that I will be officially hooked up and ready to go tomorrow, when the guy comes to finish what he obviously dropped the ball on last time he was here.