Saturday, June 18, 2005

news from this side

Hmm, what to blog about? I have felt vaguely uninteresting and slightly obnoxious about my blogging lately, because as if you'd like to hear more about cats...and how much Texas is the suck...well, whatever.

Sergei found a home, and Horatio's back at the shelter. He looked and acted so unhappy that he started pooping goo and throwing up food, which bothers me in the sort of "his sister Emma starting going that way too and now is dead" way. Plus he hated the kittens and spent most of his time hiding behind the toilet, despite our best efforts to coax him out and make him happy. Back at the shelter he seemed more relaxed. We'll see how it goes. Poor kitty.

If Horatio doesn't work out, we're going to keep Nicolai, even though Dmitri broke my heart the other day by finally being friendly and purr-tastic. In real, happy kitty style.

I looked at some places in Denton. The one I want has a pool!, is close to campus (walking distance), and is all around charming. Problems include: might need some roof repair, pool care is expensive, and we're not sure on average how much monthly expenses will be because the realty doesn't have that information. We're supposed to find out on Monday if the roof is in bad shape, but if it isn't, it's mine!!

I'm also supposed to talk about various things involvinig mortgages with a mortgage guy, but I have no idea what's going on. I'm putting that call off until I feel brave enough to handle financial mumbo-jumbo.

Other things I'm putting off: a haircut. I am seriously shaggy but again I am trapped in the dilemma of Dallas: where to get my hair cut that isn't ridiculously expensive or ethnic or offers a special on mullet-wear. Last time I went to the JC Penney salon, but I'm not up to spending another $30 on a haircut, no matter how nice it was. Chuck keeps reminding me that I missed my chance to go to my regular place in San Diego, and don't I know it. The curlies sweeping into my ears at any given moment, and the itchy neckline that makes falling asleep a distant dream are all too good of reminders.

Also, I've been living in a perpetual state of woozy and gross-throatiness for about two days now, but at least I don't really have to go anywhere. No one calls me ever to work at the pool, and I only teach on Tuesdays. So basically I'm living off of ten students, most of whom have actually paid me. Eh.

Two weeks and I'll be in Wisconsin!

Tonight Chuck and I are going to see David Sedaris give a reading/book signing!