Friday, July 16, 2004

in honor of getting older

The countdown is narrowing rapidly:

-5 days til birthday
-11 days til Ani
-12 days til moving

I hooked up my HP computer from Madison and took off all the stuff I needed- suprisingly not very much as the email addresses are out of date and I don't need any of the term papers. What I did find was a link to something very valuble.

Presenting: The Wes and Lorn Birthday Extravaganza 2001

[Edit: Bastards! Remote linking forbidden my pasty white ass!]

Unfortunately it is in directory form, and there are a lot of pictures to shuffle through. If you enable the thumbnails you can get a better idea of what you're looking at.

This is all the fun of my hot, sweaty, 20th birthday, graciously hosted (and mostly for) my wonderful birthday buddy Wes (whatever in the world is he up to these days, anyhow?).

The best pictures (i.e. the ones with me/Emily/B/Davis/Wes in them) start at 1240.

Can you tell I'm being nostalgic again? Sometimes it hurts a little to be packing up all this stuff AGAIN, and thinking about the memories AGAIN.

This time, mixed with the nostalgia is a glimmer of hope that Texas, where I'll be reunited with two old Madison friends, will produce happiness and fun times. AGAIN.