Wednesday, September 15, 2004

items of interest?

Here's what I've been up to:

Logic question (you might need one of those graphs)-
I have 16 students, concentrated on Tuesday and Wednesday. 12 of them are middle schoolers, 11 are beginners. Of the beginners, 2 are tuba players and 3 are euphonium players. I have 10 trombonists. None of my high school students are beginners, nor do any of them play a valved instrument. All of the tuba players are at one school, all of the euphs are at another. My sole female student does not play trombone or euphonium (and she looks exactly like Beatriz!).
How many tuba students do I have? What information are you missing to tell me how many schools I teach at? Which information is unnecessary? What is my favorite color?

I borrowed a tuba yesterday to play along with, and demonstrate to, my tuba students. All hail the power of the tuba- it was friggin' awesome. I wish I had one, I'd be playing it all the time. Tee hee.

Last night I attended rehearsal for a community-type jazz band, led by a gentleman named Tom Luer. It turns out Tom attended UW-Eau Claire and used to teach lessons to my dorm roommate's brother, Adam. Petit monde! Overall the band was quite good, I made a crack at the trumpet section's expense, I appear to fit in swimmingly. I will be attending rehearsals regularly- and the best part is, they want me to play bass! Bernard, rejoice, for you shall no longer be dusty with your talents going to waste. You shall be played!

My hormones are running amok again- I spent a portion of rehearsal last night eying up the drummer, who, with his Keanu Reeves-like coloring, was quite handsome. He might be in high school. Am I a closet pedophile? What is it with me? Did you want to know that? Did I type this outloud? What's with all the questions?

I am lifting my self-imposed ban on bashing Texas drivers just so I quote you a classic line from classic film:
"Remove head from spinchter, then drive!" Yes, that was a great one. And so true for Texas- wow. Beyond words how stupidly people drive here. It's getting a little frightening, to the point where I lie in bed on the cusp of sleep and am shocked awake by some brutal imagining of vehicular trauma. For the love of Pete, people, and all that is holy- I've only been here verging on two months and I have figured out how your freeways work. I know where the construction is and which lanes end where. Therefore, those of you with Texas plates and accents to match, why can you not keep a functional map of the Texas highway system in your heads? Does the cell phone interfere with logical brain operation? Are you being eaten alive by aardvarks and must swerve between lanes erraticly to fend them off? I'm ending a paragraph in questions again, aren't I?

I just got off the phone with Davis, and I would like to say that she is marvelous, and happy, and I am very glad (and a wee bit jealous, with all the sex!).

It's up in the air whether I'll be in Austin this weekend or not. I really hope so. I really do. I need to leave Dallas for a small period of time, in order to not go insane.