Monday, October 18, 2004

you'll have to drag me kicking and screaming

Okay, this weekend was far, far too short for me. I do not want to leave home just yet, and yes, I phrased that correctly. Not only do I not want to go back to Texas, I also miss this comfort zone of my parent's house. I guess I still haven't made the apartment in Plano feel like home, so there's an emptiness surrounding my feelings for it. It's a blank space, an enclosure that I spend some time watching TV and sleeping in. But here, it's a house and a home, and I have a history here.

Also, my mom's let me drive her car around while I've been back and I absolutely love it. It's a new Accord. It goes fast and you don't even notice (the poor Contour, while still running beautifully, is starting to put up a small stink every time I push 75). It has a CD player and a sunroof.

Things I have done:
Dinner with my parents Friday for their anniversary; my dad was crabby and selfish, but my mom and I had a nice talk.
Mary's wedding Saturday, very beautiful. She's the first of my close high school friends to get married, and I can't help but feel it's wrong- we're too young. We don't know enough yet. Let's not start marrying off so soon, instead let's get a beach house in Mexico and live off tequila and tortilla chips for a year or two and then grow up.
Megan, Sarah and I went out Saturday night- had a blast. God, I love those girls. I wore my crazy plaid trenchcoat from the Rainbow Brite gang halloween disaster, and got hit on a couple of times for it. Interesting, I can use this information...
Today, I went to breakfast with Sean and we chatted about grad school and trombone and politics.
Cell phone drama in the afternoon, long story. Grr, T-Mobile.
Dinner with Tara- marvelous. So good to see her again.
Stopped by Heidi's house to chat with her.
Denny's with Mikey C. He's decided to be a vocal major, the cunning little bastard! This makes me so happy, I think he's going to rock the house. Or USC, whichever.
Now, packing, and then bedtime. I'm exhausted, and my flight's at 7am.

But I don't want to leave! Let's start counting the days until my next CA vacation...50ish. Arrgh.