Friday, November 12, 2004

i don't think i'm living in the real world anymore

I went out and rented The Sims: Bustin' Out (playing it at Jason's last weekend inspired me to improve my experience) the other day and have been playing it pretty much nonstop. This is what happens when you have a) little else to do and b) like to procrastinate on things you should do.

I'm starting to feel like my Sim's life ("Ani Difranco," currently a massage therapist on her way up the counterculture career track) is more real than my own. Sure, I have to tell her when to go to the bathroom and eat and feed her fish, but hell, she's got friends. I'd almost like to hear that jubiliant music for myself when I've gotten fitter/learned a new recipe/been promoted. It would make me feel better. And sure, I'd like to be so dog tired I could just fall asleep on the floor.

The game is due on Monday and this is probably a good thing. I should turn it in and forget about it. I've never been a game junkie, nor do I stay addicted to time wasting activities for very long- but I could see this becoming a serious thing with me. Practicing trombone? Bah. Applying for grad school? Please, I'll never get in. Planning for the future? What future? Ani's about to get that promotion to yoga instructor!

I'm forcing myself to leave for chai at Borders. NOW. Go, Lorn, go. Go now. Stop typing, put on your shoes...go.