Saturday, November 06, 2004

he treats women, man...

I've been distracting myself with media of various forms, so I'll share them with you (Just like Jon Stewart said the other night, "Nothing a brick of hash and porn tapes won't fix. I'm a blue stater, baby!") for your comfort as well.

First, music and movies:

The Garden State soundtrack was a mere $10 at Circuit City. Check out the tracks by The Shins, Zero 7, Cary Brothers, and Frou Frou to hear some of my favorites. Ah hell, they're all good.

Also at Circuit City for $10 was The Big Lebowski. I can not establish well enough how much Julianne Moore's character rocks in this movie. "Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey." See also: "Does it bother you when I say that word? Vagina."

Keeping with the Braff family theme, brother of Zach Joshua has penned a novel by the name of The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green. Good read, I finished it in about four hours.

Leora Tanenbaum's new book, Catfight: Rivalries Among Women, is a similar look at social situations affecting women and behavior like her earlier work, Slut: Growing Up Female With A Bad Reputation. I loved that one, and Catfight is promising more of the same insight into women's relationships with the social order. I have some thoughts on competition- I can read Tanenbaum's book with a bit of disconnect than other women might because I don't often think in competitive terms. More on that when I finish the book.

Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism by Susan Jacoby, was recommended to me by a friend at the OTJ Forum (We trombonists are intelligent, well-read folks). It's a look at the history of those in our country's past who have planned, organized, and defending separation of church and state. I'm told mention of the early feminist movement and abolitionist leaders is mentioned in some detail.

It's a link heavy post, and my "Ctrl-V" fingers are tired. But I'll give you one more. If you were looking for Sorry, Everybody after I gave you that link in the email, it seems to have disappeared. You can find the livejournal community here.