Monday, November 01, 2004

survey says...

I'm trying to talk Jason into getting a blog. Who else here wants to see it? I need a show of comments. A show of comments, anyone? He's smart and he's funny and I need something new to read. If all y'all had your own blogs, I'd be in heaven. Unless your posts are sporadic and teasing, and you don't return my phone calls, like Davis.

Jason-I'll even set it up for you and show you everything I know. I'll read it every day and leave a comment on every entry. Or I could blackmail you with some photos I found on the internet one day. Ha ha!

halloween, the fall holiday of choice for binge-drinking college students
[you get a twofer topic on this post, because I'm too lazy to post again]

I spent Halloween with the Halloween master, or at least its biggest fan, the man whose unavoidable descent into blogging is discussed above. Went to a party in my half-assed Leela costume and no one had any idea who I was, which means Denton does not have a high enough concentration of nerds for me to find it an acceptable place to live. In Madison, people would have been all over that shit. [Insert obligatory moment to moon nostaligically over lost UW years] Anyway, we got drunk and were rude in Denny's (although not as rude as perhaps we would have liked to be), and stayed up until dawn playing a game suspiciously like that my roommates and I used to play. Ladies, you know the one- with the questions and the mixed up answers. We came up with a name for it, and I swear we invented it, yeah? How'd it get down here so fast? Should we have copyrighted it?

And here I am, back in Plano, going crazy as fuck from boredom again, and desperately trying not to freak out about the election tomorrow. Although my post below might indicate success for my candidate of choice, I can't help but think no matter who "wins" there will be chaos somewhere which postpones the results.

363 days until the next Halloween, and some 60 or so days until the next binge-drinking holiday, which I'm hoping to spend in Pasedena celebrating the presence of Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. [Insert obligatory Badger football cheer here]