Friday, December 24, 2004

oh, sergei

Prokofiev is still my favorite thing to happen to music EVER.

Act I Scene 2: Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet? Hell fuckin' yeah.

First way to win my heart: Write music with loud, low bass trombone parts. Second way to win my heart: Write it dark, Russian, and slightly evil. If it plods and broods, even better. Use cluster chords. Hold them out until your teeth grit (this is the same philosophy I have about a good olive- if it doesn't hurt to eat it, it's not the kind of olive with which you want to be associating).

Mvt 2, Allegro marcato, from Symphony No 5? That shit makes me quiver inside.

So you were kind of an ass to your first wife and kids, Sergei baby, but you came around when you shaped up for that young'un you married. I know it was tough being an artist in a Soviet world, I know it honey. You did a good job though. Thanks for all the musical orgasms.