Tuesday, December 21, 2004

do you remember?

Speaking of the passage of time, did any of y'all ever have Prodigy Internet way back when?

It was very purple and yellow, and it wasn't so much the internet as it was a collection of things all related to this Prodigy enterprise. I was pretty clueless at the time so I don't remember if you had to pay a monthly fee or if you just bought the program and that was it.

You could get news and weather and stuff, but all I ever did was play the games.

They had madlibs (this summer cleaning out my closet I found some that my friends and I had done and printed out. Such dirty little heads we had), puzzles, mazes, and this one strategy game with black and white boxes. I always lost to the damn computer.

And don't forget, "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

Our printer back in the day? Let's just say I'm thankful for these days of inkjet and laser.

Of course, I'm not one to talk as the computer I do own is currently running 98 and I'm too cheap to upgrade into the next millenium. It's my cardboard box, and I'm a computer hobo.