Sunday, December 19, 2004


I luuuurve margaritas.

Ex-Googaloo rehearsal was exactly as I expected it, except that Lenny wasn't there. I figured out why Russill is such a hornball- he's drinking "coffee" which is actually "beer." I learned this when he leaned over to make one of his stock suggestive comments and the smell of it washed all over my face. It was kind of gross, if you think being hit on by a man your father's age is gross, upon which I happen to agree. The feminist in me is cringing right now, but I do think it's all in good fun. Inevitably, he takes it too far and he gets the patented "who the fuck do you think you are" look. We had rehearsal at the magazine/newspaper distribution warehouse where he works, and again go to take home free magazines. Sure, I would have taken home the Men Magazine, but it was just too many erect penises for me to handle in one day. So I settled for a People and a Time. That Barely Legal sure was tempting, though.

The den is now this pinkish-orange color. It looks okay, except for the pinkness.

I heard Katie's story, and it wasn't as sordid or shocking as she had led me to believe; in fact I maintain my opinion that this is in no way something she should feel completely at fault or even remotely totally responsible for. Boy in question needs to figure these things out, and she's a catalyst for it.

Jerry, you need to call me.

The Neko Case album is fucking fantastic.

I still luuuuurve margaritas.