Tuesday, January 04, 2005

the trombone sounds better with a mouthpiece

Lessons were interesting today, being as I left my mouthpiece sitting on the floor of my bedroom.

Thought to myself before I left at that god-awful hour of 6:30 am, I should check if my mouthpiece is with my horn. And then I said, no, it probably is. I left my phone here too, but that's okay because I never expect anyone to call me. Not in Dallas, at any rate.

Well, I talk a lot anyway, and it's for the best as I haven't played since the Googaloo jam session two weeks ago. Yeah, grad school auditions, blah blah blah. I know, I know.

I showed up at Lakeview today and there was no one there. They don't start school until Thursday. That place drives me up the wall sometimes.

Most frightening bumper sticker ever: Rush/Hannity '08.

Minor roommate annoyance: doesn't refill the Brita filter after emptying. Also piles up dishes in both sinks so that you can't refill the Brita filter, nor use the garbage disposal.

Ostensibly, and semi-officially, I will be looking for a new place to live at the end of February. Roomie's moving to a place with his girlfriend and I need to be closer to my schools so I can spend less money on gas and less time in traffic. I might sublet for cheaper rent, but I am curious about living alone- I've never done it. Perks? Disadvantages?