Monday, June 20, 2005

famous people!

Saturday night, as I mentioned, Chuck and I went to a nearby Borders to get David Sedaris to sign his book so I could actually have a Mother's Day present for my mom instead of just thinking about how I really needed to get one of those. And preferably a Father's Day gift as well.

The line was practically out the door, and he started doing a reading before we got into viewing distance. So Chuck and I took turns going over to see/listen. He read a new story called "Turbulence," which was hilarious, of course, and a fable about cats and a babboon of which I could only hear parts. He answered some questions and talked about people defecating in Targets. The line started to move again (sort of). About ten people before we were supposed to meet him, the chai latte I was drinking decided to attempt a kamikaze mini-explosion mission that ended only when my shirt was effectively covered with eye-catching brown spots. Poor Chuck, he was watching out for it (I warned him!) and ended up with a large trail of chair right in the middle of his shirt.

Now, this is the kind of thing that normally happens to people and they freak out. "Oh my god! I'm meeting David Sedaris and I have chai on my shirt and I look like a slob and plus I'm having him autograph a book with a message about Mother's Day the day before Father's Day and I am a total freak! (maybe he'll write about me!)" But hey, I've read my Sedaris and I know that likely this is the kind of thing he feels is human comeday, and don't stress. It's happened to him. And worse! Didn't he just read a story about sneezing a throat lozenge onto a woman's pants in an airplane? It's all going to be okay!!!

Except that when we did go up to meet him, after a brief discussion about food and good places to eat in Dallas (Sevans! Sevans!), he was constantly glanced back at my chest. Sure, I was wearing a San Diego Zoo t-shirt, and after all, polar bears are cute, and sure, it augments my breasts in a nice fashion, but I have to be suspicious still. Alright funny gay man, I know you're looking at my chai stains. Get your own!!

At any rate, the title page of my mom's copy of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim now says: "To Kathy, on Mother's Day (From your slow daughter), David Sedaris".