Thursday, November 03, 2005


Rush of anger this morning has caused me to skip out on class. Too many stupid things and I just can't believe how much this school sucks in terms of classes and how they're run.

I should be there. But I went to all the trouble to get the anthology out of Chuck's backpack in his car, and then I left it sitting on a chair in the living room. So I'm unprepared anyway. I emailed the prof on Tuesday saying that I wouldn't be at class today anyway- because originally I had planned to teach today instead of Friday so I could make an opera rehearsal. But it was too much trouble to rearrange my students so I'm sending a sub to that and going to classes today. However, prof didn't get back to me regarding my MANY questions in the email, and for that I am mildly outraged. Seriously.

And not just, "I'm skipping class on Thursday, blah blah." It was "I'm unable to make class, can we meet on Friday to discuss the lecture and perhaps get some insight on any assignments you've given?" and "I think I did poorly on the previous homework assignment. Can we talk about that as well and perhaps see if I could get another shot at it?"

Why ignore a student who's trying to get extra help to do her best? Why ignore ANYONE who's asked for a personal office hour when you made it clear you were always available for help?

Yes, I am paying for the class. I should go even if I'm frustrated with it. Why didn't I? Maybe I'm immature, irresponsible. I don't know. I just didn't want to see my grade on the last assignment and I didn't want to be stuck in a class without my book for a lecture I couldn't do the work on because of extenuating circumstances.