Tuesday, October 04, 2005

professor steals time, adds it to already lengthy class period

Form analysis 3510 is killing me, slowly. In hour and twenty minute increments every Tuesday and Thursday, I subject myself to the tortuous discussion of various pieces of otherwise nice music in the most vague and frustrating fashion imaginable.

Our professor is a stuttery German man with a somewhat charming way of pronouncing words like 'scaffolding', 'reminiscence', and 'interval' with the emphasis on the wrong syllable. As if using words like 'scaffolding' to describe music weren't enough, the class has the sort of unclear touchy-feely quality about it that gives me flashbacks to Hyer's freshman year theory course.

It's not a bad subject, really. Form analysis is important. I think. Oh, wait- I definitely enjoyed Brahms a lot more before I had to slog through interpreting his developing variations. Hm.

Here's a timeline of events for our regular class session:
8:02 am- Professor enters classroom, offers up some awkward statements on our homework assignment, hands it back.
8:07 - Anthologies are opened to the piece under discussion, oddly phrased and intentionally confusing question is asked of class regarding the general form/location of main themes/importance of c# to romantic endeavors/best way to pick nose.
8:08 - I retrieve my planner from my backpack and beginning entering in useless information in order to keep myself awake.
8:10- Boredom continues unabated. Same two people attempt to answer vague questions and are repeatedly shot down with polite (yet somehow strangely harsh) German manner.
8:13- I begin to compose a rough draft of an analysis graph only to realize I have no idea what is going on because we've never heard the piece of music in question.
8:15- Back to planner. Draw amusing picture of ghost holding a mug of beer on the date of our proposed Halloween party.
8:20- Watch surreptitiously glanced at.
8:21- Contemplate death and the sharpness of pencil lead.
8:24- After realizing that the class is completely clueless, Professor attempts to further engage our attention by scribbling something illegible on the chalkboard.
8:25- I fall asleep for 30 seconds only to be awakened by an explosive "JAH! And vat do you think about the in-tervel in messure nigh-n?"
8:30- Draw amusing picture of pumpkin imbibing in mixed drink.
8:31- Mentally compose blog entry.
8:35- Begin to be slightly nervous about impending trombone lesson with Jan.
8:36- Mentally practice Martin Ballade, get distracted by poor piano playing emanating from professor's attempt to give us a real aural idea of what the hell Haydn was thinking.
8:40- Time stops.

And so on.

Nine weeks left. 18 classes remaining. Only so many amusing pictures of holiday symbols binge drinking left to draw.