Monday, August 07, 2006


First. Mark ye calendars! 80s Fantasy Movie Night is Friday August 11 at 7pm! My house! Popcorn and drinks (soda, lemonade- no booze. I will make it to the end of all four movies and I don't expect doing that liquored up and woozy). We will be screening Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Neverending Story and Return to Oz, because it's awesome. AWE-frickin'-SOME. Show up for all four or just wander on over. It's all good!

Second. Sorry I have been silent! Lots of things have happened and I haven't had much time to post. In no particular order:
- Megan's visit= Fun and Enlightening, for both of us. Make outs were had (but not between the two of us)! Conversations stretched into the night! Cranium was played! In short it was the kinds of things Megan and I do best.
- Taught middle school band camp and learned to understand the Horn somewhat. It was fun! I felt inspiring. Still, needed to be paid much more money.
- Monica's wedding, fabulous. I played in the quintet, housed four out of town friends, and was openly nosy in the biggest house I've ever seen at the evening reception.
- Job interview at the pool, good! I managed to babble and stutter a little, as I always do, but aced the CPR stuff. They can manage work study. I may have a job!

Third. Auditions fast approacheth. Hear me now. I will make orchestra. Rarrrarwr.

Fourth. Items remaining this summer (only 20 days left!): Lessons pick up again, practicing is rampant, camping?, Jason's birthday, 80s nights at Haileys, adventuring, cooking, rearranging of bedroom, harvesting of delicious garden fruits.

La vie, c'est bien!