Saturday, September 22, 2007

mémege à trois

On generous loan from Day (who will be here in the Nuevo in about 2 weeks!).

Classical Music Meme
1. Name a recording that you just can't imagine living without.

Well, ironically my favorite recording I have been living without: CSO and Reiner doing Pines and Fountains of Rome. Following that, since you're just not supposed to pick only one of course, Vienna doing Mahler 5, Berlin/Ozawa doing Prokofiev 5, Center City Brass Quintet's Streetsong album.

2. Name a piece written in the last 20 years that you've heard on recording or in concert that you found particularly gratifying, moving and/or stimulating.

Carter Pann's Slalom is not only exhilirating, it's fun to play. It'll be on the UNT Wind Symphony CD this year. Also, my friend at UNT, Mark Scott, wrote an awesome trombone octet called 'spectives.

3. Name a piece that you know from a concert or recording that you are very fond of but that you think most people, even in the industry, wouldn't be all that familiar with.

The Suite for Unaccompanied Cello by Kodaly is pretty friggin awesome. And most definitely Astor Piazzolla's operetta/musical drama Maria de Buenos Aires. Ginastera's got some underappreciated works too, like the piano sonatas and the Variaciones concertantes (wow, I think Professor I. should pay me for saying that).

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