Saturday, August 11, 2001

the big question of the weekend has been: What to get Grant for his birthday? I am starting to get an inkling of an idea...we shall see. I was going to get him a winter hat (as he has none and it is very pitiful and makes me cold just to look at him) but "we don't start getting those in until the end of September" was the response I've gotten from the places I've looked. Sigh.

Grant's birthday means it is Chris' too! Perhaps a phone call to Boston will be made...and, Hurray! today is the last day of Drum Corps. Perhaps we'll start seeing some old friends more regularly now. Can't wait for move-in time, when everyone will start ringing our doorbell and visiting again.

I yelled at Ryan yesterday, but he laughed at me. Ok, so it was kind of funny. He called to find out if there was a party at Issac's, and I had no idea so I said, "how the hell should I know if there's a party at Issac's?!?!" But he didn't hear me (something up with his phone) so I had to repeat it about five times and each time I got angrier until finally he did hear me and he chuckled, that Ryan-chuckle thing that usually delights me but just ended up being terribly annoying at the time. Anyway, didn't go to Issac's, and didn't call Ryan back (as he said, call me if you're going, and not, call me either way mwahahahaha!). thought about other things. mostly about how to get back at Kris Nonn for ragging on me all the time. So far, I have not come up with any solutions. Tonight is the last night I have to put up with it though, it's all good. We are having a party after the show...hopefully people will come and have a good time. At any rate, it's time to go out into the world and get some fresh air.