Saturday, August 04, 2001

yes yes, i know that buddha stew has not been very entertaining or even remotely interesting lately, for which I apologize. Not much is happening. OTT is going fine. I am spending a good deal of time making cracks at Kris Nonn (and getting many back in return) and joking around with Justin. Now here's a weird thing, I just did it: Words that end in "IN" like Justin, sometimes I spontaneously add a "g" to the end because it makes it more like my last name. Sort of a force of habit. Ah yes. habit.

Boys! I am very annoyed. That's all I have to say about that.

Laughter is such a wonderful thing. I have some friends I would like to hear laugh again (dan and natalie, jessie, megan) because it would make things a little more complete. I wish there was no such thing as absent friends...if i could gather all my friends from all over the country together in one place, i would do it in a flash. but no one place is perfect for everyone, and absence makes the heart grow fonder ("or forgetful" to quote Robin Hood) so I guess I cannot have what I wish for. I would like to see Chris and Mike again (on a regular basis, and preferably not discussing drum corps ;)...actually I am missing a lot about Humanities and the friendliness that goes on there...especially in the hallway by my locker. So much good stuff. I'm currently trying to remember something particularily funny that Sean and I were laughing about once...but it's just not coming to me. I think it has something to do with the time and temperature lady, but i'm not exactly sure what.....OOOOOOH I've got it. It was the Touchtone Enrollment Joke. OH yes. "HI, and welcome to the University of Wisconsin Touchtone Enrollment System. For a major scale, press one. For a minor scale, press two. For assistance in slide positions, press three. If you have a question about additional techniques, please stay on the line. Thank you." Ah yes...that was great. that went on for days, I recall. Priceless. Well, now that I've remembered it, I can go to bed happy. :)