Thursday, July 19, 2001

Yeah, I've been sort of pitiful about posting for the past two days. I'm gearing up for the big day--but at the same time I feel a little foolish. I always get this way. I give myself so many conflicting streams of thought that I end up just feeling lost in my own head. I love my birthday, and I feel that birthdays should always be celebrated with parties and happiness, but at the same time I wonder that I'm not really annoying some people by going on and on about it, and then I get into that section of feelings dedicated to blueness and semi-unhappiness. Hmm...Ah well. It's my one day of the year. Might as well use it.

It's very hot and ucky. I need to go out and put up posters for the Russian Folk Orchestra thing, but I'm a little T.O.ed at Victor for thinking this all needs to be done three weeks in advance. Everytime I see him it's "Well, Lllorn (victor does this cool L rolling thing), I am getting little nervous for the concert, you see, we onllly have thrree weeks. and people want to know in advance, so if you could just do this..." (not at all representative of russian accent, but in my head it works). And it's annoying because 1) I have to work when the stores are open 2) It's always hot 3) I'm tired 4) I want to take a nap. hehehe....the last three are my lame excuses and the first one isn't even true because I have that whole window of time between 1 and 4 to go out and be productive. Ah well, Here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to sleep until 3, and then go do posters, and then go to work. sounds good, eh? oh yeah..somewhere in there I will make a walgreen's/cat's meow stop, to purchase some fun for tomorrow night....heheheh