Monday, July 30, 2001

riiiight. my lack of posts might tell you that nothing interesting is happening...and you'd be pretty damn close to the truth. On the Town has started, and so far it's been a fun time. the music is pretty fun to play. the singing is okay..the leads are pretty good, but they can never live up to the leads i have in my head (frank!) so that's a little disappointing but ah well, that's the way life goes.

other than all this musical stuff i have nothing to talk about. i'm sick of analyzing ryan, i'm sick of telling stupid stories about what happened at work, i'm sick of riding my bike and being in a swim suit twentyfourseven (ironic i should say that as i am considering going swimming right now). In other words I've reached that point in the summer where if school started in two weeks I wouldn't be upset about it. I'd secretly be excited while on the outside dutifully pursuing an attitude of annoyance.

Somewhere in the time I have left of summer, however, I'm going home, which will maybe spice things up for a little while. It's due...I miss San Diego and friends there. I should be home for Natalie's maybe something exciting will happen around that. Surely she'll have a celebration of some sort! Also Marisa will be home, and I haven't seen her for at least a year! Maybe Megan too will magically appear and we can all go to the HCW pool and sit in the spa and recount all our college adventures (of which I have very few to offer that would translate well outside of present experience). If not, sigh. I will come back and practice like mad, have my audition, and start school again. welcome, i say.