Thursday, September 27, 2001


yep, that pretty much sums up how i feel about relationships right now. damn frustrated. grr. arrrgh. arhahahgrhaagh.


well, the wonderful news for today is that RFO is cancelled, and as much as I love pounding away at the contrabass balalaika, sometimes it's hard to work up the energy. and this is just one less thing i have to do!!! huzzah. i also have to make an appointment at the edwards factory for next sunday to put together my spiffy new bass trombone!!!! i'm so excited...this is going to be the most fun ever!!! (i know, i know, music nerd, but hey, what can i do?)

we desperately need to go grocery shopping...but i don't know when we'll have time. so i've been eating crackers and ramen noodles. not exactly healthy, but remember i can go out to eat because 1)i can't get any cash out (the bank's closed) and 2)i don't have an atm card at the moment. so....ramen noodles it is, one more night. hurray!