Sunday, September 09, 2001

alright. all the other music majors in the world are out being productive and practicing right now. i should be engaging in this activity as fact i want to be, but i have given in to going home and eating pop tarts on this excuse: due to the fact that i played too much on friday (in my post insulting-email-from-bill anger), or rather i played to much over one small period of time, and now i have a small cut on the right side of my inner upper lip...which makes a lot of things difficult (eating, talking...nothing gross!!!), not just playing. i am a little depressed about this fact. no one else is home. the back door was left unlocked, which for a second got my hopes up that i would have someone to commiserate with and therefore not be lonely. but no, it was not to be.

happy though...yes, the CAKE concert was marvelous. it was fantastic. i am still in awe that I have seen them perform live. it was a unique experience for me being a concert where i knew the words to all the songs. i don't have many favorite single bands...of the two bands which i love and know all their songs, one I have just seen and the other (sublime) no longer exisits as a musical ensemble. so it was great. Unfortunately I was not as close as i would have liked to have been, but i could see, at least (due to the fortuitous placement of a bag of sand near my feet, i was able to give myself a few extra inches). They rocked. I love CAKE. I have a sticker. I love CAKE. I really reaaaally do.