Sunday, September 16, 2001

i just don't know what to write. i have been realizing a lot of things this week, both about myself and about people, and i have discovered in myself such an intense love for all human beings that at times it almost overpowers me. i do not feel hatred, only sorrow...and it seems to me that to hate the perpetrators of this attack is only to aggravate the wound, to widen the rift between people of all backrounds. the saying i have heard the most of this week is "we cannot fight evil with more evil" and i can't agree more. it is sad to know that there is no one culture, no one nation that is entirely innocent of crimes against humanity. i have been looking inside myself to find the strength and love i know humans are capable of feeling. i am very proud of those who are helping, who are feeling, who are cheering on the survivors and rescuers. i am not proud of those who are looking for revenge. if you want revenge, the greatest and most powerful thing you can do is create peace, feel love. people are looking for a war now, and it tears my heart in two. the most relevant saying i can think of at the moment is: 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'
peace, love, happiness.