Friday, October 19, 2001

ah, trombone-getting tomorrow! hurray! unfortunately i cannot go tonight because i could not find a sub for work, so now i have to make a one-day elgin trip, which is unfortunate because i love the s'murphys so and i would like to see them for more than five hours. sigh. ah well.

bad news on the bike: the new keys didn't work and if i want to get it cut i have to bring the lock into the store, which means i have to break the porch. hm. unfortunately we don't have anything convient with which to break the porch, so i've been kicking at it with my foot but that doesn't seem to work very well. argh.

a grip of mikey quotes lately, here's another: "oh, that's embodiment of all evil too, just in a convient pocket-sized form." regarding the confusing aspects of the exorcist.

the game got more confusing today. first of all, i'm not sure how to take this, but how come homeless people are the only people that ever hit on me? it's weird. i was walking through homeless and druggie park on my way to the bike shop, and this guy walks up and says, "hey baby, where you been all my life." "zero points for creativity." i should have said, but instead i just ignored him. and then another guy askes for some change and i told him i didnt have any (which is true) and so then he says "that's, fine you're still looking good, baby!" (eek) "uh, great, have a good day." "you know that baby, right? Mm-hmm." this all ties back into that guy outside of knuckheads this summer who wanted me to buy him dinner and made similar comments. geez, people! should i be flattered, freaked out, or nonchalant?
second game confusion: was niles hitting on me at the donut table today? hm.
confused because the person who's supposed to be doing that sort of thing (translation: boy lorn wants to like her) was standing only three feet away. not that i minded the niles conversation. oh boys. you're so silly. here's lorn, intelligent witty charming, and oh yeah, what a niiiiiice ass, and no action!! let's get cracking, kids. i'm running of young carefree college time.

too much for some of you? kittens. roly-poly puppies. baby birds. sandcastles.