Thursday, October 11, 2001

I have a new horn!!!! A beautiful, shiny new Edward's bass trombone...customized to my playing style and the best professional horn you could ever get! It is also one of two bass trombones in the WORLD that possesses the new and revolutionary (okay, maybe not revolutionary) "edge" bracing, which frees up the sound and feel. Which means I can't have it quite yet; they have to make another edge valve casing before they can send it to me. It's the most beautiful exciting thing in the whole wide world.

I would have to say that my experience at Edwards was the coolest thing...EVER. Christan is the man and the room is awesome, and we got free posters and hats, and I got to sign my name underneath Mark Fisher's! (Lyric Fricking Opera of Fricking Chicago) Damn. I'm still hyping on how cool that is...I want to work there, man, I want to put things together like that and meet Joe Alessi and Blair Bollinger....argh. Ah geez.

So...that's the big excitement! The other big excitement is that I'm getting my tenor slide fixed tomorrow, and it's donut-day. Mm...