Sunday, October 14, 2001

hm...what to say? i met with the pledges for sai tonight, and i am very excited about them. they have a lot of energy and organization and i think it'll be a good year. i am very excited about sai this year...we finally got our butts in gear (sufficient leadership) and decided to make something out of this fraternity. hurray! i'm proud to be a part of it.

davis' recital was AWESOME. i wish I had been on the other side of the piano, but page turning was fun too. the brahms trio was excellent. hurray for them!

i am still tired. i think i've finally entered the perpetually tired zone stage of the college semester...which is way later than usual, but i won't complain about that. maybe i just should go to bed...mmm, bed.

well, all else to say is, i really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally hope i get my trombone this coming weekend. reeeeallly. reeally really.