Wednesday, October 24, 2001

i had a thoroughly delightful dinner with Dan today. we went to einstein's and chatted about boys.

i also played bass trombone duets with Terry last night...and it was a blast. he's so amazing. i hope i can someday be at least a fraction of his musicianship. we traded horns for a while (he has an edwards bass too) and talked shop and christan and about how blair bollinger looks like a porn star. fun! i love my new horn.

i would also like to reaffirm how much i love my job (the nat). the people are so much fun. even morning shifts. yes. even those. and i scared some lady while i was doing my breathing exercises up on the stand by myself (you have to do something to keep yourself awake). fun fun fun. i am behind on my swimming though, so i have to go in tomorrow night and do a 1500. yargh. oh well.

still needing help on the comments bar. and don't be afraid to put in comments!!!!