Sunday, October 21, 2001

yes, i now have a beautiful shiny wonderful bass trombone. in exchange for this, i lost my voice. hehe. yes, it's not so much fun, but it's alright. it was probably not a good idea to drink beer last night (although not so much) and stay up late (2:30), but it was fun. kind of weird at some points, because i felt like just an onlooker, but i learned a lot about boys. went over to griff's and played video games and made prank phone calls to the dorms and such. well, they did. and i sucked at the video games. and then there was wrestling. and i almost fell asleep walking home. and i woke up with absolutely no voice and having to go to a rehearsal. i am becoming more and more convinced that sundays just absolutely blow. sunday nights especially. i mean, i have to work from 5-7, and then afterwards i meet with the pledges, or it's possible it's a sai meeting, or even an inservice for the nat. so no matter what i do, i get to run around and there is absolutely NO time to sit down and nap, which is my number 1 sunday activity. well, i'm just being whiny for the sake of being whiny, but i'm just kind of upset because a good deal of my weekends lately have absolutely sucked and i find myself looking forward to the week. because during the week i have regular sleeping hours and practice hours and such. and i don't freak out about boys and i'm not disappointed because a certain evening didn't go my way. so yeah, weekends suck. maybe next weekend won't. maybe i'll take the opportunity to get incredibly wasted next week and see where it leads me. yeah. great plan, lorn. (at least i won't be the only one: it's halloween and it's homecoming. rock). or maybe i'll just forgo all the festivities and sleep. mmm, sleep.
today was brandon's opera thing at canterbury bookstores. intending to go on time, i fell asleep reading and woke up i went but i didn't feel like talking to anyone (or rather, i couldn't talk to anyone) so i just perused the book shelves and listened to the singing. i feel rather bad about not actually going, so to speak, but oh well. life's full of little difficulties.