Thursday, June 17, 2004

good news should come in threes. what's next?

Chris and I were approved for the totally rockin' apartment in Plano. I can't wait- I plan on painting the walls and I just bought two big Ani D posters for decoration. There will be a kitty, possibly named Sergei (Prokofiev) or Begemot (after the Cat in The Master and Margarita).

Despite my bitching about work, I got a fifty cent raise today. While this is all well and good (and particularly nice), I still feel like there's too much need to ass-kiss. I'm just doing my job, don't make me feel like a twelve year old.

Something else good ought to happen, to round it out to three.

As Davis always does, here is my countdown to major events:
4 days til payday
23 days til Marisa comes to visit
33 days til my birthday (hint)
40 days til the big move
150ish days til the possibility of visiting Jerry in New York arises (Thanksgiving)