Sunday, July 18, 2004

oh bother

Poor timing on the account of my body to let sickness creep up on it. I work so hard to keep myself from being sick (echinacea, vitamin c, folic acid, etc) that it makes me incredibly frustrated when I come down with something. This particular something is the kind of achy muscled, sharp ear pained, foggy headed sinus disaster that warrants a day of bedrest and lots of fluids.

Unfortunately, although Sunday is usually my day off and reserved for the kind of well-placed laziness I've perfected, I agreed to sub for a coworker at Frogs from 12-6. I usually work at HCW on Saturdays, and I didn't yesterday, so it was a replacement day off and, needing money, I was happy to take this shift. Now however, I want nothing more than to languish and moan in bed, occasionally getting up for a glass of water and looking properly pathetic whilst doing so.

I did get quite a lot of packing and room-organizing done yesterday, which makes me incredibly excited to actually move. A week and a half. I don't work on my birthday, and I'd like to spend it at the beach. Hopefully someone will be able to join me, but I suppose I could just go alone if it comes to that. Going to the beach alone is better than staying at home alone.

That is possibly the saddest birthday thought ever.

Sigh. Well, lifeguarding today will be done high under the influence of Dayquil. All hail Dayquil!