Thursday, October 21, 2004

Posted by Hello

to carve or not to carve?

I bought this beautiful pumpkin today from Central Market after seeing a sign advertising it not only as merely $2.99, but also as "homeless." This was a homeless pumpkin. You can do nothing more to break my heart than to tell me an inanimate object is out on the street.

So, new Buddha Stew contest (these things never get any more than 3 comments, but here I am, plugging ahead, hope against hope, desperately, begging for your love):

How shall I carve my pretty pumpkin? As you can see from the pictures he is narrow, with an impressive stem. His lopsidedness is suggesting to me something along the lines of John Kerry. Or, would you rather not see such a specimen submit to the cruelty of my occasionally artistic hand?

UPDATE: Or I could do this.
[From Feministe, again]