Friday, November 19, 2004

done, and done.

Safely home, with only a minor hitch in my layover in Las Vegas. I had to switch airlines, but in Vegas they don't let you just go from terminal to the next, oh no, you must recheck in and go through all the security crap again. Thus, by the time I'd gotten to the ticket agent, I'd missed my flight. She booked me on a later one, which gave me the distinct advantage of not having to wait around baggage claim for my bag, as it was already there. Take that bag! Now you have to wait for me for a change! How do you like them apples? (cue: Chris McGann)

I finally got on an airplane that was showing a movie I wanted to see, Spiderman 2. Except I couldn't see any of the screens- the one closest me was too close and to my left, so I got that schizo side-of-the-LCD-screen crap, and the one in front of that was being blocked by The Man With The Largest Head In The Universe. Well, at least I could hear the movie. Except for when my headphones were, oh, let's say, going in and out of mono. Guess I'll have to rent it.

My dad had transferred some stocks into my name and then cashed them, so I had a cool $200 waiting for me. Money, thou art a necessary evil but I still love it when I have more of you.

And then, I got a new phone. Well, I got an old phone. I got an old phone that is new to me. It is beat up and scratched, but it has a picture screen and "Baba Yaga" from Pictures as a ring tone, and it only cost me $20. I went into the T-mobile store intending to get a new new phone, but as it turned out one of the phone gurus had this old one for sale. Deena. Soooo cuuute. Totally smitten with Deena right now. Serious Ani D vibes comin' offa that girl.

So now I have one goal for my trip home achieved (and that without breaking a sweat!), I can get started on the others. A) Do the grad school stuff. Seriously. Get the fuck on top of that shit. B) Wash my non-machine washable clothes that have lain in a pile in my closet for three months. C) Drink myself silly.

Since, as you can see by the post below, I got barely an hour of sleep last night, and napping in the terminal in Vegas was a bust what with the *brrring brrring!* and the *whoop whoop whoop whoop* of the slot machines, and I've had only a cinnabon and a banana to eat, I'm running on a particular brand of empty I like to call "fuck you guys, I'm going to bed."