Monday, November 15, 2004

posts in the works

I finished Catfight, and it's got me thinking about SAI, actually. So a long, dilligent post regarding that topic is in the works.

Reasons why I love Dan B. also being mulled over. Dan B. rocks my world. Dan B. makes my future look brighter just by virtue of being inspiring.

Reasons why I love Davis. Davis cheered me the fuck up in a moment of serious depression today- I don't think she realized what good timing her call was this afternoon. I appreciate it endlessly.

Why Fat Tire is a good beer is kinda the reason for this post. I'm a little drunk because of it, and it feels good.

Do you know what I did tonight? After my roommate and his gf went to do their thing, I walked across the street and petted the horses. It was...sublime. Hurray for horses. If only my life could be so easy.

I'm going home for TEN DAYS starting Friday. I can't bloody wait.