Wednesday, November 17, 2004


If I were still in Madison, this would be the weekend for the fifth annual Trombone Studio Party. Judging from the reverse exponential curves of attendance of trombonists vs non trombonists, the only actually trombone player at this hypothetical party would be yours truly. But I'd still have fun, and anyway, everyone's an honorary 'bonist when they're drunk.

Here's my recap of the 2nd one, which would make today, technically, also an anniversary for Jerry and I. If indeed you're allowed to celebrate these kinds of things when you are no longer romantically involved, then: Happy anniversary, Jerry!

That also makes it the anniversary of the vodka smoothie and the death of my first kitchen chair by Davis. Happy anniversary vodka smoothie and broken chair!

At the first party, you'll recall, Putnam ate hair gel and also played Lady and the Tramp with Miah. Andy also played balalaika and dragged Cara around on one of our kitchen chairs. Sean rode a bike into a wall in the basement. There were games of dickball. I lolled upon the floor and made fun of Jason. Beatriz giggled a lot, and Collin made soup. Ian "left me a tip" off of my front porch.

At the third party, Dan entertained us in the kitchen until I thought my gut would burst. Tony played with my rubber animal toys, and the only four trombonists to show up did a shot together without shot glasses. This one was fun, but not quite so eventful. I think Sam and Brian drank an entire bottle of Peach Schnapps, unless Beatriz really did show up (I bought it for you, you know!).

In honor of this prestigious holiday, I am off to toast and drink a glass of wine for the memories of successful Cat House parties everywhere.