Sunday, October 24, 2004

chris mcgann, you're one in a million

This place just ain't the same. It sucked before, but now it's just torture.

Send help, please.

The following are rituals cruelly cut from my average day:

-spur-of-the-moment Chipotle runs
-lukewarm jacuzzi visits
-"what game can we invent with a drumstick and a ball of foil?"
-Papa Johns at midnight
-walking to Chili's for margaritas
-bitching about Lakeview Centennial
*jointly not getting paid
-shared stories of UW years
*being annoyed by drum corps talk (only mildly, honest)
*not having to explain a particular personality or event to tell story in question
-being ridiculously drunk in Deep Ellum
*clowns on stilts
*freak shows
*ratsdogs in bars
*Denny's visits ("chris, you look so fucking drunk"- leon)
-not being lonely and sad on a regular basis

I'm not sure, Jason, if you're entirely ready to bear the brunt of my loneliness, but there's nothing you can do to stop me. At least you'll only get it on the weekends.