Wednesday, December 01, 2004

dear blog and the people that read it,

I apologize for being the crabbiest of crabbies yesterday. It was a bad day. How to describe the horror of seeing your trombone made into an accordian to a non-musician? Imagine you just broke your arm, and it's dangling funny and the bone is not in the right place. And then vomit.

The good news is, it's fixable, and I have the info of a highly recommended repair tech in Dallas. The funny news is, when I went to file a claim the lady told me I couldn't have it repaired myself. America West must do the repairs on all claims filed. I can say that I've laughed harder, but never quite so sardonically. I told her, you or your airline touch my horn again and I'll rip all your heads off. Bitches.

Let me make it up to you, my anger of yesterday. These three things delighted me today:

1. February 3rd, Granada Theatre, Dallas, Texas.

2. Zach Braff is so cool. See video post.

3. Hee. I so wish I could go to Pamie's wedding.

Are we square?

EDIT: This blog now with more mood-cheering power!

4. Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me. I've never seen a bunny quite so forlorn. [Via Erica]