Monday, November 22, 2004

your holiday gift from me

Ally of Subliminal Pudding gave me the idea to do mixed CDs as the seasonal gift of choice this year. It didn't take me very long to put together a kick-ass (if I must say so myself) collection of songs centered around the theme "post-election angst with pre-election songs."

Spanning several decades from Johnny Cash to The Shins, you can expect only the finest in alternative country, rock, hip-hop, brit pop and indie music weighing in on politics and society as we know it from this quality album, yours for only $0.00- alls I needs is an email containing the following information:

1. Your Full Name and Preferred Courtesy Title (Mr, Ms, Sir, Cockface...)
2. Your Address
3. Your Favorite Dead Indie Rocker
4. What Makes Lorn the Awesomest Person EVER (in your humble opinion)
5. Your Hopes and Dreams for the Future of America

Happy Holidays!