Tuesday, December 07, 2004

some updates

1. The trombone nightmare, continuing saga:
I took my horn in to Dallas's most highly recommended instrument repair tech on Thursday last, and watched him fix it. I'm always fascinated watching repairpersons. Although it was painful to see my bell in such a state, it's really cool to watch how the metal unfolds with the right pressure and tool usage. A super nice man, this, and he even wrote me an appraisal for the airline saying that he would be unable to satisfactorily repair it and the bell needed to be replaced. And then he fixed it marvelously (although it's badly scarred, doesn't reverberate as much as before, and I'm afraid to use a mute) and only charged me $70. I will get a picture up one of these days.

That same day I argued over the phone with an America West representative and got nowhere. I wrote out as much of it as I could remember, described the situation, etc, and sent it off to my dad. Today he informed me that he's managed to get an attorney friend (also a musician) of his to type it up on his letter head and give it legal teeth. If we push this hard enough, $700 for a new bell is going to seem like a no brainer for the airline.

2. Grad school stuff:
I am a big fat procrastinator. But, I've decided to only apply to two schools- University of North Texas, and University of Minnesota. Partially, this is for financial reasons, as I can't afford all the travel and app fees. So, I let you down again, Katie, but I will come visit soon. I might have to drive but hell, it'll be worth it.

The only thing that's left is sucking it up and getting in touch with Richardson and Smith about writing letters. Sean is a given, and goddess if he isn't the biggest professional help of my entire adult life. I adore that man.

3. Teaching:
I have four more high school students, and a list of others to bug. This is quite the relief as my finances are taking a hit with all the school vacation lately.

Today I was really enjoying teaching; in a good mood, feeling like my chops were in order, my kids were really getting it, and I was funny and sarcastic as hell. I got to my last school...and they were taking band pictures. Any other day I would have thought, YES! I'm going home! but today I was kinda bummed. Am I really starting to like this job?

4. New Year's Plans:
Madisonians take note- I will be joining you for the festivities concerning the year 2005. I expect a barrage of comments telling me where and when to be for drinking, free meals, and any other possible activities you feel I would enjoy. I intend to have one rough, drunken New Year's to make up for the past five months. I want stories to tell, dammit! Buy me a Berghoff or a Spotted Cow and I just might be tempted to provide sexual favors.