Saturday, December 04, 2004

purli, all grown up

When I was a tweenager, my readings lent heavily to the financial survival of the science fiction/fantasy community. I was especially obsessed with the books of Piers Anthony and his Xanth series. The series has declined the longer it runs (something about the bimbos and the excessive use of puns...), but the early books are classic- Dragon on a Pedestal is still one of my favorites. Xanth is the alternate universe of Florida, and anything can happen there. Magic abounds and just about anybody/thing can have sex with anything/body. Thus, mythological creatures such as griffins and centaurs are genetically viable, and some animals or people are one of a kind, which of course leads to much romantic agony on their part.

I made up my own character to live in Anthony's Xanth: the union of a winged lion and a human, Purli grew up in the jungle toughened by the feral feline lifestyle. Her human side always longed for love, though, true to Xanthian fashion, and this is how her adventures began. Bewinged, betailed, becovered in fur, Purli was well equipped for whatever became her.

So, it being Saturday night, 10 years later, and me with nothing to do, finding the Hero Machine on Feministe was just the right thing for my mood. Purli's all grown up now, and she doesn't need love quite so much. She's got a nasty looking dagger and a new outfit just right for ass-kicking. I dunno about the name. Hey, I was thirteen, gimme a break.

[Edit again: see above. Mee-ow.]