Friday, January 28, 2005

i lose at the internets

I'm at the library for my internet fun and games today because I can't seem to access anything at home. The little computer symbol is blinking and it says it's connected, but it won't open anything. This means that if you sent an email to my Gmail address, I can't read it. The library is lame that way. I'm getting kind of sick of that server anyhow. It certainly has its moments, but not being able to open it from restricted access computers is definitely not one of them.

Dallas is cold and wet today, so I am groggy and out of sorts by default. Katie can't make it for the Ani concert now, so while I am still looking forward to it, a little bit of the sparkle next weekend had promised my otherwise matte finish life is gone. Le sigh.

So, you can do one of two things for me: either bring me some cheer, or bitch with me about whatever's bothering you. I'll take either, and both gladly.