Thursday, January 27, 2005


[What is it, Simon? I'm arranging matches.]

Sometimes, when I go a day or two without a blog, it feels like ages to me. This is because I generally have some inspiration to post and thus do so two or three times a day. So when I take a break, I always feel like it's been forever. I get the urge to say something like "blogging will be light from me for the next few days while I recouperate from teaching/Texas/attack by space monkey." But then I always end up posting again the next day.

Anyway. I still really don't have anything interesting to say. Here's what's new with me, though:

1. I counted today- I have 27 students. This surprised me; I thought it was less.

2. I found this great apartment last week, applied, put down a deposit, and then was told that they might not have a shorter lease than 12 months to offer me. That won't work, what with my going to grad school (hopefully) and all. So I'm waiting to hear from them as to whether they can manage a shorter lease for me, and if not I will have to start the hunt again. Le sigh. I hate this shit.

3. Lots of my kids are sick. My throat is scratchy and I'm sleepy all the time. If I'm going to get sick, I want it to happen now (like, right this instant) so that I can recover in time for next weekend.

4. My new friends Tim and Allison are teh awesome. Tim teaches horn at two of the schools I work at, and Allison took over trumpet lessons at LCHS when Chris left. They are both alumni of St Olaf, with music degrees and very strong opinions on beer. I love them to pieces already. Last night we hit up a microbrewery for $1 beer night, which I think will have to become a tradition (let's call it- Wednesday Night Anti-Texas Society), and shot the shit for about three hours. Turns out Tim plays mandolin too, and Allison's thick Wisconsin accent makes me crazy homesick. I said something- I think I was in the middle of my rant on parents giving me blank checks- and Allison was nodding and laughing, and Tim said, "Man, I can so tell both of you are from Wisconsin." Deep Ellum on Saturday and lots more good times ahead.

5. All of my students from here on out will be getting ear training and intensive rhythmic practice from me. It is my personal duty to send my kids out into the world prepared for musical challenges beyond high school. In particular, I must strive to shatter the stereotypical tuba player image- bad rhythm, inaccuracy. They'll thank me when they're older. Any suggestions on how to make it less painful that it seems?

6. Schmu.