Friday, January 21, 2005

because i can

I republished the archives and spiffied up the template for We Have Cute Butts, even though it's pretty much dead. There is still some quality writing on there that deserves archiving. Anyway, the original reindeer thing had long since disappeared and it was getting on my nerves that you couldn't peruse past posts.

My favorite WHCB moments (although I cannot link to them at the moment, because Blogger won't cooperate) are:
-Jerry's Underpants-less Summer
-My MST3K-style Movie Rant
-Jerry's Me-Inspired Poetry
-Jerry's College Students Should Not Have Dogs Rant
-My Scientific Exploration of the Johnny Depp Phenomenon

I'm in a revival mood these days. Now, I really want the Top Five thing to take back off, so bug Davis. She's got all the power on this one.