Monday, January 24, 2005

oooh! gender "science"!

New study: Women are worse drivers and map readers because of hormones. Or something.

Oh wait. It's because of how much shorter our ring fingers are. According to a study done of forty students.

Er, how many again?

Say, I have small hands. You might even call them stubby. I was wondering the other day just how that affected my driving, exactly. Because I've always said to myself, especially when surrounded by the legions of Texans who drive so politely and intelligently, why, just why I couldn't manage to turn on a car properly and turn left. I am not an ambi-turner. Meanwhile all of my guy friends and long-fingered lesbian companions seem to do just fine. And maps. Jesus! Maps. Such a complex conglomeration of lines and words it boggles my poor little female mind. I often cry from frustration when I see one.

Wasn't there something I heard once about young men having higher insurance rates because they statistically cause more accidents than women? Was I dreaming that? And if it's true, how does that make them better drivers, exactly?

Raise your hand if you are tired of bullshit science. Mine's been in the air for ages. Is this the kind of stuff that gets money instead of stem cell research and the cure for AIDS?

I'm sorry. I remember now. Curing AIDS would help out a shitload of people in Africa, and also gay folks, and in the wise words of Eddie Izzard, "we've been trying to kill you for ages!" Science is way more fun when it "proves" stereotypes- and goddess forbid the American public or the public in general do any real, critical thinking about those kinds of things. We might have...some sort of revolution on our hands. Gee.

Link via Echidne of the Snakes.