Sunday, March 20, 2005

chronology of events

3/5/05: Jason throws me an after-audition party following my audition at UNT. Drunken hookup ensues.

3/6-3/11: Week spent wondering if drunken hookup was only that or maybe more.

3/11: Dinner spent wondering if drunken hookup was only that or maybe more. Jason hosts Big Lebowski drinking game party. Hand is held. Somewhat less drunken hookup ensues.

3/12: I am visited in Dallas by boy, we have a good time.

3/13, early morning: Heading out for South Padre Island.
3/13, afternoon: Drinking begins immediately.
3/13, evening: Boy and I "fold" on the rest of the crew, not going to a club but instead walking around and people-watching. We save the hotel from burning down.

3/14: More SPI Spring Break events. Wooo. Lots of fun is had. Lots.

3/15: Say goodbye to boy in parking lot in Corpus Christi, spend the next eight hours cramped in a car trying not to strangle anyone. Especially loudtalkers.

3/17, early morning: Boy shows up in Dallas and we spend all day in bed.
3/17, evening: St Patrick's Day/Gabe's birthday.

3/18-3/20: Gooooooood times.

I think that pretty much brings you all up to speed. Are there any other questions?

Here's a fun madlib:
Seeking a new career? Be a fishstick or just look like one! In just (square root of) -1 sessions, we can have you fellating, horseback riding, and swimming like a top-paying labia. Opportunities in this smarmy field are limitless. There is no fee! Just come in for a free consultation. Our expert crocodiles will analyze your juice and determine your potential for success in this facetious field. Use your natural buttocks to earn plump money and have time hump your dreams too. Just ask Chuck, who came to us looking like a train out of potato, and in just ten days we improved his pubic hair 100%. We even corrected his horrible Monostat 7. It was just in the nick of time because the Upsilamba Squad was ready to ban him from the ceiling fan. Don't wait another day. Time is running out.