Thursday, August 31, 2006

leaving, on a jet plane insert something less trite and lame here

Off to ABQ manana!

My friends have the following planned for me:
-Camping/hiking in the mountains. Mountains! Wow!
-Drinking beersss. Wow!
-Bill Maher tickets. Wooooo!
-Informational meetings about inspirational life-changing opportunities!

Also I am taking a lesson with the guy there, the trombone guy. Weeee! Trombone!

I'm sorry- did 2 margaritas and a beer make me incomprehensible? Hey, at least I can still spell it! Because I am awesome!

More drunken posts ahead as I reconnect with my dearest of friends, Timberly and Allimason, plus bonus best friend Megan! I'm taking my camera AND my USB cord. You never know!

Take away the beer, before I use any more exclamation points. My roommates are evil, I swear.

PS The Funniest Thing I've Ever Seen is the episode of Arrested Development called 'Mr F'. See it now or die trying.